Preparing to report on the International Symposium, Milan

My name’s Laurence Nee. I’m a medical student in Liverpool, UK and I’m going to Milan for the 24th International Symposium in about 10 days time. I’ll be presenting a poster on the Friday evening that summarises a systematic review looking at psychosocial factors that influence quality of life in ALS/MND. I conducted this research under the supervision of Professor Carolyn Young of the Walton Centre, Liverpool. I’m also going to be reporting on the platform communications session (2B) on ‘Autonomy and Quality of Life’ via this blog.

I’m excited to be going to the Symposium, as it will be the first conference of this kind that I have attended. I chose to report on the ‘Autonomy and Quality of Life’ session on the Friday morning as it seemed most relevant to the research I have undertaken. I have read through the abstracts for the platform communications I’ll be reporting on. They sound interesting, including topics such as the ethics of genetic testing in ALS/MND, patient-centred decision-making and the determinants of QOL in ALS/MND. I look forward to the presentations.

I wanted to write a short entry prior to the Symposium to familiarise myself with how to post a blog on this website. It’s not long now until the Symposium. It will be great to experience the concerted efforts of the ALS/MND research and care community during the event!