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The International Symposium on ALS/MND poster prize

Dr Malcolm Proudfoot discusses his poster in Brussels
Dr Malcolm Proudfoot discusses his poster in Brussels

From the over 400 abstracts that were submitted for this year’s International Symposium on ALS/MND, the majority of them were presented at the meeting as posters. They contained an exciting range of research, from examples of care practice being established in different healthcare settings and geographical populations around the world, to cutting edge genetic techniques, to the latest on imaging. All of the abstracts are available to download, via a link from our website.

There is always a buzz in the air during the poster session – the enthusiasm and energy of presenters to share their results is exciting. It’s clear that a lot of work goes into generating the data presented. In other words, the posters at the Symposium are something to celebrate! For the second year, we’ve celebrated the fantastic diversity of advances in MND research and care practice by awarding poster prizes.

The winners

The winners of this year’s clinical and scientific poster prizes were Judith Machts from Magdeburg in Germany and Maria Salvado from Barcelona in Spain respectively.

Poster prize winners Judith Machts (L) and Maria Salvado (R) with Belinda Cupid
Poster prize winners Judith Machts (L) and Maria Salvado (R)

Judith Machts’ poster P29 was entitled “Functional connectivity hallmarks in ALS”, in Theme 2 Imaging, electrophysiology and markers of disease progression

Maria Salvado’s poster P178 was entitled “CX3CR1 is a modifying gene of survival and progression in ALS”, in Theme 7 Genetics.

More information on these winning posters is include in a post on our research blog.

How were the shortlist selected?

Judith and Maria’s posters were selected from a shortlist of 18 posters. The shortlisting process began at the time of submitting an abstract on the MND Association’s online system in May. Here presenters were asked to confirm that they wished to be considered for the poster prize and also to confirm that the presenting author was eligible. The poster prize is primarily about highlighting the exciting work of the younger MND research community – younger in years and also in terms of their career. (Specific criteria for 2015 will be published in the New Year).

Consideration of possible candidates for the poster prize shortlist was included in the overall assessment of each abstract by the Symposium Programme Committee, during the summer months. As we always receive more requests for talks than we have slots available, ALL abstracts were considered (so those that don’t make it as talks aren’t left out).

After checking eligibility, the presenting authors of the shortlisted abstracts were notified a few weeks before the conference. Judging took place during one of the poster sessions at the meeting.

Judging Panels

The judging panel were invited from the Symposium Programme Committee and UK-based experts in the scientific and clinical fields of MND research respectively. This year the clinical posters were judged by Steve Bell, Martin Turner and John Ravits. The scientific posters were judged by Belinda Cupid, Linda Greensmith and Lucie Bruijn.

Highly commended posters

All shortlisted poster presenters that explained their posters to the judging panel were awarded highly commended certificates, following the announcement of the winner on the last day of the meeting. The following presenters and their posters were highly commended in Brussels:

Highly commended clinical posters:

  • Emily Plowman P12 The relationship between voluntary cough production and swallow safety in individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
  • Bart Vrijsen P89 Quality and patient-ventilator asynchrony during non invasive ventilation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Georgia Christodoulou P91 An update on opinions and behaviors of Japanese and American ALS caregivers regarding tracheostomy with invasive ventilation (tiv)
  • Beth Stephens P101 Pain assessments vary in a multinational sample
  • Dorothée Lulé P116 Some ethical aspects to consider in counselling for fatal decision making
  • Katy Tobin P124 Discrete choice experiment for preferences of care in motor neurone patients and their carer
  • Yumiko Kawaguchi P131 Why/how are families in Japan able to continue providing long-term care in spite of the associated burdens?
  • Lu Chen P157 Natural history and clinical features of sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in China; a ten-year clinic-based cohort study

Highly commended scientific posters:

  • Angelica Nordin P168 Variation in size of the C9orf72 GGGGCC-repeat expansion between different tissues in ALS and FTD
  • Rachel Tan P193 Neuronal loss in functional zones of the cerebellum in ALS
  • Michael Tibshirani P210 Investigating the role of the Nbaf Complex in ALS
  • Helena Chaytow P213 Development of an antisense oligonucleotide-based method to manipulate RNA editing of Ampar subunit
  • Isabella Lambert-Smith P215 ALS-associated mutants of Sod1, TDP-43, FUS, C9orf72 and UBQLN2 disrupt proteostasis in neuronal cell culture
  • Kevin Smith P267 Targeted non-viral gene delivery to motor neurons

Missed these posters?

You can read the abstracts of these and all of the posters presented by downloading the PDF from a link on the MND Association website.

We strongly encourage all presenters who presented their work to upload their posters into the F1000 Poster repository. Many thanks to those that have already shared their work in this way. For those that haven’t look out for a reminder on how to do this in the New Year.

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