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Could funding from the EPSRC help your MND research?

Yesterday I attended the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research (EPSRC) Council’s Town Hall meeting about their Healthcare Technologies ‘Grand Challenges’. These ‘Grand Challenges’ form part of their recently-announced new strategy for their Healthcare Technologies theme.

The aim of the meeting was to outline the new strategy and to raise awareness of some new opportunities to begin to implement it. The audience included researchers from academia and industry, and those that might be the end users of this research – medical charity representatives.You can see a nice diagram of how the Healthcare Technologies theme fits with EPSRC’s overall strategy on their website. Elsewhere on their website you can read more about the new Healthcare Technologies strategy.

Two of the early plans for implementing the Healthcare Technologies strategy are the ‘Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards’ and the ‘Translational Alliance Platform awards’, I’ve outlined them briefly below. Please be aware that the deadlines are soon!

Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards – deadline for outline applications 14 May 2015

From their website: ‘This call is intended to support early career researchers to develop a personal programme of high quality, creative, and multidisciplinary research, and to build and grow their research group.

Applications to this call should bring a creative and multidisciplinary approach to one of the four grand challenge areas (see link above to the new healthcare technologies strategy), and should also clearly identify how the proposed research and collaborations have been designed to shorten the pathways to translation and/or clinical adoption’.

Translational Alliance Platform – deadline for outline applications, 28 May 2015

From the Summary of Call document: The primary aim of this funding activity is to enable the development of new long-term relationships between a researcher, or team of researchers, and an identified translational partner. Translational partners may be any non-academic user organisation (e.g. an industrial, charitable, clinical or not for profit organisation) which has the experience and capability to translate research outcomes into new or improved products, services or systems.

This call is open to those who wish to develop translational partners at the multi-disciplinary interface between Healthcare Technologies and the Engineering areas of Synthetic Biology, Chemical and Formulation Engineering, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, and Microsystems.

For each of the above funding opportunities, contact details for EPSRC staff are included towards the end of the Summary of Call documents. Please contact them for more information.