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Allied Professionals Forum – abstract deadline fast approaching!

Alliance Logo artMy name is Rachel Patterson, and I am the General Manager of the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

I’m writing this ReCCoB post to make you all aware that the deadline for abstract submissions for the Allied Professionals Forum is this Monday (15 June 2015)!

About the Alliance

The Alliance is a membership organisation for ALS/MND patient care, advocacy and support associations from all over the world. Today, we have nearly 50 member associations representing more than 30 countries, and we continue to grow!

The purpose of the Alliance is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and resources among our members. Basically, the idea is this: If associations from around the world have the opportunity to network, form partnerships and communicate, we will improve quality of life and care for people with ALS/MND everywhere.

Working together, sharing our knowledge and experiences, we have the opportunity to achieve more than we ever could alone. The Alliance provides an international community, so that no association is working in isolation, without resources and support. The Alliance’s vision is to work toward a world free of ALS/MND. We hope to achieve our mission through our objectives and programmes.

The Alliance Meeting and the Allied Professionals Forum

Importantly, we hold two annual meetings, the Annual Alliance Meeting and the Allied Professionals Forum, in collaboration with the MND Association and the International Symposium on ALS/MND. Our meetings coincide with the Symposium each year – so, in 2015, our meetings take place in December in Olrando, FL, USA.

During the Alliance Meeting, we invite delegates from all of our member associations to share knowledge and ideas about fundraising, patient programmes, care initiatives and research. We will mark the 23rd Annual Alliance Meeting in December of 2015.

The purpose of our second meeting, the Allied Professionals Forum (APF), is to provide practical education and training to health professionals who care for people with ALS/MND in all parts of the world.

During the Allied Professionals Forum, hundreds of health professionals from every field—from social work to physiotherapy to nursing to palliative care—gather to hear presentations from distinguished, experienced speakers. (These speakers are chosen through a blind abstract process similar to the one used to select Symposium presentations.)

The purpose of the APF is to provide practice-based solutions that can be applied immediately to improve the care of people with ALS/MND around the world. The content of the APF is intended to complement the more long-term research and clinical information presented at the Symposium. In December of 2015, we will hold the 13th Annual APF.

Submit an abstract!

Right now, we are accepting abstracts for the Allied Professionals Forum. Click here to read the Call for Abstracts and access our online submission portal.

The deadline for abstracts in just one week – 15 June! 

We want to hear from you. Please share your knowledge and expertise with the global healthcare community and make a difference to people living with ALS/MND worldwide. Together, we are united in the worldwide fight against ALS/MND!

If you have more questions about the Alliance, its mission, the meetings or our programmes, please contact Rachel Patterson at alliance@als-mnd.org.