Grateful thanks to all of our blog contributors

Miss Natalie Rounding, University of Sheffield, UK
Catherine Knights, King’s College MND Care Centre, UK
Dr Malcolm Proudfoot, University of Oxford, UK
Rachel Boothman, Head of Education and Information, MND Association, UK
Miss Jodie Stephenson, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Johnathan Cooper, Knock, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Jakub Scaber, University of Oxford, UK
Dr Justin Yerbury, University of Wollongong, Australia
Malgorzata Serzysko, SISSA, Italy
Prof Marcus Rattray, University of Bradford, UK
Dr Janine Kirby, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Tamlyn Watermeyer, King’s College London, UK
Dr Rachael Dunlop, University of Technology, Australia
Miss Helena Chaytow, Royal Holloway, UK
Mr Matthew Gabel, University of Sussex, UK
Mr Daniel Solomon, King’s College London, UK
Dr Emma Devenney, Neuroscience Research, Australia
Miss Anna-Claire Devlin, University of St. Andrews, UK
Dr Ratko Radakovic, University of East Anglia/University of Edinburgh, UK
Miss Victoria Pugh, Universities of Bradford and Reading, UK
Dr Rachel Waller, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr William Sproviero, King’s College London, UK
Mr Andrew Tosolini, University of New South Wales, Australia
Miss Jenn Dodd, University of Sheffield, UK
Mr George Aynsley, University of Liverpool, UK
Mr Matthew Stopford, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Annekathrin Moller, University of Sheffield, UK
Nottingham MND Care Centre, Nottingham University Hospital, UK

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