Allied Profeessionals Forum meeting and Symposium reflections

A really good APF this year, with a record attendance – over 346 delegates during the day with themes around technology, end of life, carers and care giving and supporting children in ALS families. Some really good presentations, particularly around carers issues. A presenter argued that a psychoeducational programme for caregivers of patients can improve caregiver knowledge and can…… Continue reading Allied Profeessionals Forum meeting and Symposium reflections

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Allied Professionals Forum (APF) 2012

It’s a record! 340 allied professionals, nurses and doctors attended the APF in Chicago today to hear 18 very varied and interesting presentations. The aim of the day is for health and social care professionals to help each other by sharing good practice, reporting and discussing what they did and why, and the results and outcomes they…… Continue reading Allied Professionals Forum (APF) 2012